Boats in Istanbul

Boats in Istanbul

For many Istanbul locals, the boats are just as important as the metro and the trams, and for certain journeys the quickest means of transport.

The boats are an essential means of transport for those Istanbul locals who live and work between the two continents.

In summer, the company in charge of the boats increases the number of routes, and they go to holiday spots such as  Çınarcık.

Where do I take the boats?

In Istanbul, there are various docks both on the European and the Asian side.

On the Asian side, the principal docks are Üsküdar (in the north) and Kadıköy (in the south). On the European side, you can find Eminönü (to the south of the Galata bridge) and Beşiktaş  (between the two bridges on the Bosphorus)

If you want to cross over to the Asian side of Istanbul by boat during your trip, we recommend that you take the boat that leaves from Eminönü and heads to Üsküdar. The views of the European side are fantastic, especially at sunset.

Each dock has its own ticket office.


The Istanbul boats have a more reduced schedule than other transports, and there are lines that finish at 9 pm. We recommend that you confirm the schedule beforehand, so you're not at risk of being stranded.


The prices of the ferries depend on the journey. The boats that cross from one continent to the other cost 1.50 TL (US$ 0.10), whereas the tourist boats that cross the Bosphorus start at 7.50 TL (US$ 0.40).