Gülhane Park

Gulhane Park is the oldest park in Istanbul, found next to the Topkapi Palace of which it formed a part during its golden age.

The park, which opened to the public in 1912, had several different attractions, including a zoo. In recent years, the park has been restored and is home to several of Istanbul's museums, being a beautiful and safe place to relax.


If you're travelling with children, or just want to chill out for a little while, the central location of the park, in the heart of the historic centre, mean that any time is a good time to reconnect with nature a little.

The park is perfect for taking a walk, taking a moment and drinking in the day to day life of Istanbul's locals. You'll see a completely different atmosphere to that which can be found just a few metres away from the park.

If you want to drink a cup of tea, and enjoy some incredible views of the Asian park, you can find some fantastic terraces at the entrance to the park nearest the sea.


Tram: Gülhane, line T1.

Nearby places

Archaeological Museum (214 m) Topkapi Palace (259 m) Hagia Sophia (569 m) Basilica Cistern (649 m) Spice Bazaar (960 m)