The Istanbulkart card can be used on all means of public transport in Istanbul.

Tarjeta Istanbulkart
Istanbulkart Card

With this card, you can pay for the buses, metro, trams, boats and the funicular.

The plan is, that in the future the card will also be valid to pay for taxis and museums

Advantages of the Istanbulkart

The main advantages of getting the Istanbulkart instead of the Jeton are:

  • Discounted prices: with this card, instead of paying 6 TL (US$ 0.30) per journey, each one costs only 2.60 TL (US$ 0.10).
  • Cheaper Transfers: with the Istanbulkart you can make up to 5 transfers in the different means of transport with a discount.
  • Easier: you simply don't have to buy a Jeton for each and every journey! 

Where can I buy the Istanbulkart?

You can get the Istanbulkart card at metro stations, at the docks, and in the main bus stations. To top it up you'll find machines in these same places. You can top up using bills and coins.