Istanbul  Metro

Istanbul Metro

The Istanbul metro was inaugurated on the 16th of September 2000 and has two lines. It's especially useful if you want to get to and from the airport.

M1 Line (Aksaray-Havalimani)

The M1 line is especially useful, as it's the line that connects the airport with the centre of Istanbul.

The most important stops onthe M1 line are: Havalimani  (in the Atatürk Airport), Zeytinburnu (where you can change onto the T1 tram line) and Aksaray (one of the areas in the city with most hotels).

M2 Line (Taksim-4.Levent)

The M2 line really is of very little touristic interest.


Just like the trams, the Istanbul metro runs from 6 am to midnight. The frequency, depending on the time and the day, varies between 5 and 10 minutes.


The price of riding the metro in Istanbul is one Jeton.