Taksim SquareKnown as the heart of Modern Istanbul, Taksim Square is an important shopping, leisure, and touristic centres, with restaurants, shops and hotels.
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Istanbul AirportThe new Istanbul Airport was inaugurated in 2018 and has a capacity for 150 million passengers.
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Topkapi PalaceThe Topkapi Palace symbolises the power of Constantinople during the Ottoman Empire, one of the three largest empires in history.
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Galata TowerThe Galata Tower is one of the oldest towers in the world.
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Galata BridgeThe Galata Bridge is a 490 metre bridge found in the Golden Horn estuary, which unites the old Istanbul with its more modern area.
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Archaeological MuseumWith objects such as Alexander's Sarcophagus, and the Ishtar Gate, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum is one of the most important in its field.
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Museum of Turkish and Islamic ArtThe Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is one of Istanbul's most important museums.
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Hagia SophiaBuilt in the 6th Centruy, the Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya as the Turks call it, is the symbol of Istanbul.
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Blue MosqueThe Blue Mosque (Sultanahmed Camii) is the most important religious building in Istanbul, bosting six minarets it was built by Sultan Ahmed I.
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Basilica CisternThe Basilica Cistern, also known as the submereged palace is a resevoir constructed in the 6th century that makes for one of the city's treasures.
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Chora ChurchThe Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, often simply known as Chora Church, is one of the world's finest examples of Byzantine art.
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Gülhane ParkGulhane Park is the oldest park in Istanbul, and highly recommended for those who want to see the real atmosphere of Istanbul.
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Grand BazaarThe Grand Bazaar is the largest and oldest market in the city.
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Spice BazaarThe Spice Market is one of the oldest in Istanbul, and one of the best places in the city to buy traditional local products.
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Cemberlitas HammamThe Çemberlitaş Hammam is the most famous Turkish bath in Istanbul, and is located in the historic centre of the city.
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Suleymaniye HammamWith more than 450 years of history, the Suleymaniye Hammam is the only traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul that offers a mixed service.
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